Why Family Based Treatment?

I was very slow to warm up to Family Based Treatment, known in some circles as the Maudsley approach. The Maudsley approach was not well known or well received in the U.S. during the early days of my child's eating disorder, so I knew little about it.  I was utterly exhausted and defeated by the eating disorder by the time I heard of this model, and it went against pretty much everything I had been taught as a parent about what caused eating disorders and what my role should be. 

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Who? Me? Blog? You Betcha!


My beautiful new website is up thanks to the awesome folks at Summit Marketing, and it has this dandy new  blog.  Now I have to fill it up with things you will find useful or interesting.... Hummm..... There are so many blogs and websites out there!  So much great insight, wisdom, and information. What do I have to add?

From one way of looking at it, nothing new that you can't find on someone else's site.   On the other hand, though, I am the only one  in this world with with my unique set of experiences, education, strengths, challenges, and perspectives.   So, that is what you find on this blog.  Me, sharing information that I have learned from my life or work  experience, or  gleaned from someone else, presented in a way that is uniquely  mine. Sometimes, there will be guest bloggers who have important things to share (Look out clients, colleagues,  hubby and daughter-- blog requests are coming your way!)  My hope is that you, dear reader,  will be challenged,  encouraged, or enlightened in some way. If not, at least you will get a sense of who I am and how and why I do what I do.  So, hello world!  This is Carolyn’s blog.