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What is Family EDucation Day (FED)?

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When someone has an eating disorder, it impacts everyone in the family. And there is so much to learn! You may have had a crash course in the language of eating disorders, but what about Grandpa? Aunt Susie?  If the person who has the eating disorder is your child, what about your other children? Your child’s best friend?

Do they understand what is happening? What helps and what hurts? Do you have the time, energy, and knowledge to teach them? Likely, you are just working hard to make it through the day with all meals and snacks completed!

Family EDucation Day takes place at your home or place of your choosing. Up  to ten people you select will learn about eating disorders and your particular  needs. Mountain Counseling Works  will provide a half day of learning to prepare your extended family and friends to support you through the long haul.

During the Family EDucation Day your family will learn:

  • That eating disorders are serious illnesses
  • How having an eating disorder impacts thinking and behavior
  • How to be helpful to you and your immediate family
  • What types of comments or actions may make recovery more difficult
  • How and when to have difficult discussions
  • How to create a pro-recovery environment for the person with the eating disorder