Trauma & Life Wounds

There’s a lot of confusion these days about what “counts” as trauma. Many people are reluctant to call overwhelming experiences they have endured “traumatic.” The truth is that WHAT happened is not nearly as important as HOW it affected you.

Sometimes people who are impacted by trauma have flashbacks and nightmares like we see on TV. That is not the only way it shows up, though. Unprocessed trauma (overwhelming life experiences) can result in:

You might be surprised to learn that treatment for trauma does not have to involve figuring out exactly what happened or reliving or retelling the story. The point is not for you or me to understand the details; the point is for you to feel better! The Sensorimotor Psychotherapy techniques I use allow you to gently discover from within yourself and your body what you need to get unstuck and live more freely and abundantly.

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